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netapp storage system canada

It has been established that using cloud based storage solutions such as those offered by Netapp Canada provide users with a lot of benefits.  The users usually rave about the great cost savings they realize.  They are glad to be free from the need to purchase, set up and maintain their own data storage infrastructure which they rightly feel only take up resources better used for their core activities.

Netapp in Canada believes that one other benefit high on the list of cloud based storage users is scalability.  Their clients are happy to have almost unlimited cloud storage capacity they can call on when the need arises.  They are even happier that they don’t have to put up the money to set-up and maintain such a large infrastructure.  What is more, they are only asked to pay for the storage capacity and features that they use.  Most members of the Cloud Computing Association offer cloud storage services.

There are other advantages of course, but one of the most overlooked advantages of using a cloud based data storage solution is the increased mobility it affords to employees and staff.  It sure does not sound much until you look closely at the increased capability it affords, such as:

a)       Cloud storage services, such as those offered by Netapp storage, allow access to authorized users anywhere and at any time.  The only requirement is for there to be internet service and a device that connects to the internet.

Suddenly work can be done even outside the office.  Work can be done outside normal working hours.  Employees who cannot leave a sick child alone need not miss work.  Sales people can access data on the cloud to support presentation activities.  Engineers can better discuss solutions with their clients over dinner.

b)       Any internet connected device may be used to access data stored in the cloud, even devices as small as smart phones.  And when you access through the cloud, the data presented will always be the latest version.

c)       Collaboration is much easier because data can be shared even with people on the move.  Conferences are no longer limited to the confines of the office.

There are many cloud based storage systems, such as the Netapp storage system, which you can consider for your company’s needs.  These storage systems will make your staff much more mobile and much more capable.